Today I am Taking Mel’s Advice…

I don’t know how many of you know who Mel Robbins is. For those who don’t, she is one of the most motivational speakers of the day. She wrote a book a couple of years ago, The 5-Second Rule. I have read it twice and about to pick it up and go through it a 3rd time. I have it on audiobook and have often listened to it on the way to/from work as it is a great way to start/end the day. It has inspired me to map out things that I needed to get done for the day and take action. And even in the evenings, when I feel like doing nothing but turning off my brain and watching tv for the rest of the night, I know that there are tasks that need to be taken care of and I need to find a way to make myself do them…even though I don’t want to. Those dishes aren’t going to wash themselves, afterall.

But another reason why I love listening to Mel Robbins is because it isn’t just about the “5-Second Rule”. It’s also about building confidence in myself, pushing away self-doubt and doing what I love regardless of what anyone else thinks. That’s a tough one for me.┬áTake this blog, for instance. Want to know why this is my very first post (and hopefully not my last)? Self doubt. I have worried that maybe what I had to say wasn’t good enough for someone else to read. Or maybe it wasn’t relevant. Or that I’d be judged. Or ridiculed. And honestly, it scared me. Also, I have a spaghetti brain. I have so many things that I want to talk about, share, discuss. Where do I start? How should I organize my thoughts and schedule them for my blog? On top of that, I am long-winded. It’s both a blessing and a curse. Writing has never been an issue for me. It’s the editing that I can struggle with. It goes back to relevance. I have this weird, inert need to explain everything because somewhere in my brain, I’m telling myself that you all need the backstories. I have gotten better over the years about being more clear and concise in my communication skills, but every once in awhile I catch myself chasing trailing thoughts and shiny objects. Please forgive me.

One of the biggest reasons why we don’t do what we want to do is because we get in our own way. “If it’s important, you’ll make the time. If it’s not, you’ll make excuses.” You’ve heard that one, right? Yeah, we let excuses manifest when we shouldn’t. But, why? Fear, self-doubt, lack of interest… Yes, they are excuses. But they’re deep-seeded and not always because we’re lazy or lacking motivation. Sometimes we put things on the backburner and don’t give them prioritization because we are afraid or lack interest. Sometimes we know that the thing we need to do is so much bigger than we want to take on and we let it intimidate us. So those projects sit on the backburner indefinitely.

“There will always be someone who doubts you. Don’t let that person be you.”

I get a weekly email from Mel Robbins that is delivered every Thursday morning. It’s called “Take 5 With Mel”. Sometimes I am bad and don’t make time for them and will skim through the emails without really digging into the content that Mel is offering. It’s terrible to admit but it happens. However, there are times like this morning where I actually take the time to read the email. I am reminded why I signed up for the emails to begin with. They’re great! This morning, for example, Mel had a short little video that talked about self-doubt. WHAAAAATTTT???!!! Yeah. She shared a short video, “Stop Caring About What Other People Think”. It was effective. How do I know? I’m writing this post. That was the one thing that I have been wanting to do but was not giving priority. And well, I was letting the above excuses hold me back.

Now, I realize that I could be writing about stuff that my pertain more to the work that I do. I could be sharing details about most recent projects. I could be sharing tricks, trends and other cool stuff that I’ve been seeing out on the “interwebs”. And I probably will. But right now, I felt that sharing what I learned from Mel Robbins this morning was worthy. Now, I need to figure out a way to keep it going and make it a habit!

Oh! And while I am thinking about it, Mel Robbins also has a new Audible Original book coming out, Kick Ass, on May 8th. I am really excited to listen to it and have already pre-ordered it and can’t wait to see it in my queue. It will be book #12 for the year for me!

Pre-order the Audiobook

Kick Ass With Mel Robbins Audible Original