PaPer Dolls LOGO

This was an interesting project. Before I was hired to design the logo, one of the stylists of the shop wanted me to design a business card for him as he was going to be attending a hair show and wanted something that he could hand out. We had roughly discussed a logo but it was such a tight turnaround that I designed it without one. Once the business cards had been designed, the other stylist and co-owner loved the cards and wanted me to make some for her. But she was more specific in wanting a different font than what had been used on the other stylist’s card. So I had the challenge of using another font while still trying to find ways to make them feel as though they were associated with one another. So when they finally asked me to design their logo (which is completely backwards from how all of this should go), I was challenged to find a way to incorporate both of the fonts that had been used in their business cards to create the logo to help tie it all together. I used the two fonts and various elements of both to solve the problem and create a logo that they both loved. It went through a few revisions over time as the duo realized that some of the details needed to be refined through my persuasion. Their original business cards were way too cluttered with every service they each offered, the ornate typography, QR code and logo. So we simplified the front with the logo and allowed the back to creatively include appointment details along with business contact info. While they initially felt that it took away from their individualized custom cards, it allowed a consistent card for all stylists to use (this was helpful as they had other stylists working there) and was easier on the budget since they wouldn’t be ordering multiple versions for each stylist. This project was definitely a learning experience that has helped me to understand brand identity better and establish key elements earlier in the project.