I was tasked to design the landing page for the new Cabela’s Born To Be Worn Collection. I was asked to create an experience that was outside of our normal templates to elevate the collection.

I provided digital direction to the photographer and Quad Blue/Soho art director for images that were shot on a brand photoshoot for this collection. I also provided art direction for additional product laydown shots, using a more relaxed and loose technique. While shooting the product laydowns, we decided to take advantage of our time in the studio with the products and created some fun animated gifs that could be utilized within our social and/or email channels.

I worked with Brian Talbot and Will Consiglio from my team to code the CSS used for a lot of the functionality on the page. The page features hover-video buttons that showcases product features in video format, set to autoplay and loop. On top of the animated gifs that I created in the photo studio, I also built out creative to be used on Pinterest and Facebook.

View the page here: